Professional ultrasonic quilting (threadless)

We offer professional ultrasonic quilting (threadless) for: filters, clothing and protective equipment (lining), beach mats / beach loungers, waterproof mattresses protectors, furniture upholstery (artificial skin), mattresses (faces and sides), blankets, mattress protectors, bed covers, various waterproof products, door padding


max. width 2,20 m

Benefits of the ultrasonic quilting (threadless):

better quality
lower price
it allows filters quilting
it allows quilting waterproof materials

Quiltable fabrics:

filtring materials
synthetic leather
waterproof polyester
waterproof materials
cotton mix fabrics
jacquard fabrics (mattresses faces and sides)
knitwear for mattresses faces and sides
100% polypropylene or polyester TNT spunbonded fabrics

Fillers for quilting:

nonwoven 100% polyester bulky wool of different weights (wadding)
soft nonwoven made of textile waste, shredded, interwoven, of different weights
polyurethane (foam) of different thicknesses
nonwoven filter
Packing of ultrasonic quilted products:

in resistant polyethylene foil (to keep strict cleanliness during transport and material handling).
quilted materials are tightly rolled in bales (to optimize transport and storage space)

We ultrasonic quilt, from our own production/ stock, the following materials:

lining – various colours
jacquard mattress fabric (50% polyester + 50% polypropylene) – for faces and sides
knitted fabrics for mattresses – for faces and sides
sponge (polyurethane) on rolls, with different thicknesses and widths
satin – various colours
nonwoven 100% polyester (cotton) type Minet® from 50 g/m2 up to 1000 g/m2, with various widths
nonwoven TNT spunbonded TNT 100% polypropylene from 15 g/m2 up to 100 g/m2, various colours
50% cotton + 50% polyester fabric (white or printed) – washable at 40 °C
50% cotton + 50% polyester fabric (white or printed) – washable at 95 °C
100% polyester microfibre fabric (printed) – washable at 40 °C
100% polyester microfibre fabric (white) – washable at 95 °C