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About Us

Minet Bedding is a Romanian company that was established in 2001. We are a member of Minet Group that activates for more than 31 years in the textile industry. We are the leading Romanian manufacturer of bedding, synthetic filling materials and elements for upholstery industry.


You can find our products in millions of homes. The trust our customers are showing is achieved only by hard work and quality without any compromise.


Our products and services are complying with all the conditions for quality, environment, health and security, according with all the European laws.

Our vision

The main purpose of Minet Bedding is the production and distribution of high quality home confections, mattresses and synthetic filling materials products.
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Minet Conf offers the following professional services: thread or ultrasonic quilting for blankets, filters, pillows, clothing and protective equipment (lining), beach mats / beach loungers, waterproof mattresses protectors, furniture upholstery (artificial skin), mattresses (faces and sides), mattress protectors, bed covers, various waterproof products, door padding etc.
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Minet Bedding offers you the following products for the textile industry: filling and padding materials, memi-finished pillows for furniture, mattress covers and protectors

Our brands

What do we all have in common ? The need to rest and recharge our batteries. That is way our pillows, matresses or duvets are created with passion and care for the most heathier sleep. Our products are offering you the maximum comfort you deserve, respecting all the requiered quality and safety standards.