We are producing fillings for pillows, cushions, furniture and upholstery.

Mattress covers and protectors

Minet Bedding offers a wide range of covers and mattress protectors, waterproof, with or without border.


Minet Bedding produce a wide range of models of quilted fabrics. We offer simple lining, quilted or ultrasonic thread (without thread).

Semi-finished Pillows for Furniture

Our company produces a wide range of pillows for the furniture industry according to customer specifications, with different shapes, partitions or fillings.


You know what we have in common?
The need to rest, to recharge our batteries
Therefore our products are made with passion and great care for a healthy rest. And even if Somnart is a new brand on the market, the Minet Bedding team has more then 30 years of experience in delivering quality.