SuperBall® hypoallergenic polyester  balls type filling


  • High hypoallergenic character – certified for the absence of hazardous substances according to Oeko-Tex 100 standard (class I)
  • very good elasticity
  • prolonged use
  • it provides special air permeability
  • it provides micro massage effect by moving
  • it can be washed in washing machines
  • it helps reducing snoring
  • it is washable at high temperature 95 °C
  • it allows bleaching

The SuperBall® hypoallergenic 100% polyester siliconized balls type filling is the first choice for replacing conventional fillings in order to produce high quality products.

Compared to the conventional fillings we use special and sterile raw materials with a much lower potential to cause an allergic reaction (allergy). The automated production technology allows full control over each production stage, thus guaranteeing the absolute purity and absence of micro-organisms. These are factors that we check on every batch that comes out of production. Special safe conditions of storage, handling and transportation, that we strictly apply, assure the hypoallergic nature of the filling, from the factory to the end customer, who is the first to touch the filling by hand. The absence of hazardous substances is guaranteed by certification according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (Class I *).


It is available at various anticaking degrees, in various balls sizes – “adjustable” hardness and density.


The SuperBall® hypoallergenic polyester anticaking siliconized balls type filling can be used for:

filling of hypoallergenic pillows
filling of upholstered furniture / sofa pillows
filling for duvets
filling for toys
special applications – available in delayed combustion version (flame retardant) – in keeping with the UK BS5852 standard

Find out more about our product, download here the technical sheet