Waterproof mattress protectors


  • it allows washing / sterilization at 90 °C. The high-temperature wash minimize the chance of survival of acarians and bacteria
  • it allows the mattress to “breathe” – the protection material allows air to pass, and retains liquids
  • very small contractions after repeated washing at 90 °C – perfect dimensional stability
  • waterproof membrane applied to the back of the material is sticky – the protection does not slip off the mattress
    very resistant – long life cycle
  • the main material (outer) is terry cloth – cotton 100%
  • the inner material is an impermeable synthetic membrane (polyurethane)
  • it is fitted with elastic all around the bottom (protects the front and sides of the mattress) – max. mattress height: 25 cm
  • the material protecting the sides of the mattress is made of 100% cotton – natural color
  • it does not allow liquids – blood, water, etc. – to penetrate
  • it perfectly covers the mattress
  • easy to apply or remove to / from the mattress
  • easy washing and fast drying
  • extremely resistant to repeated washing
  • it does not deform itself after washing
  • it does not require ironing as it does not get creased


  • domestic use – recommended for baby mattresses
  • professional use – in hotels, hospitals, retirement homes