Proffesional thread quilting

We offer you professional quilting services for: linings, coatings, facings, mattresses, bed-covers, coverlets, bed spreads
blankets, mattress protectors, covers, various quilted products


maximum width 3,2 m
quilt models available:
standard (20000 models)
custom, at your specific request
360° models (designs)
automatic cutting of the edges
cross cutting (transversal)
longitudinal cutting into strips (for mattresses edges)
cording / home fashion / fancy yarn

Materials that can be quilted:

lining, coating, facing
poly-cotton fabrics and cotton fabric
mattress ticking
furnishing fabrics
upholstery fabrics
jacquard fabrics
polypropylene spun bond non-woven material or polyester spun bonded nonwoven materials
different non – woven materials

Filling materials for quilting:

100% polyester non woven wadding
soft nonwoven made from opened textile wastes
different waddings

Packing of the quilted products:

very tight rolled on carton tubes – for optimizing transportation and storage costs
packed in resistant polyethylene big bags

We can quilt from our own production / stock the next materials:

100% polyester nonwoven wadding Minet® between 50 g/m2 ÷ 1000 g/m2, different widths
spunbond nonwovens materials between 15 g/m2 ÷ 100 g/m2, different colors
soft nonwoven made from opened and needle punched textile wastes , different widths and weights
jacquard fabrics for mattresses (50% polyester + 50% polypropylene)
100% cotton fabric fabrics (white or printed)
50% cotton + 50% polyester fabrics
100% microfiber polyester fabrics